Hello, Constituent.

Stop giving your vote to a politician

If a PlaceAVote candidate is voted into office, all bills that come before congress will be decided by the district via majority vote online.

With congressional approval ratings at an all-time low, public opinion is shouting that it is time to do things differently. You will soon be able to use the simple and secure voting system on placeavote.com to amplify your voice in chorus with other engaged voters so congress will have no choice but to listen to your will.

How it works

Placeavote.com provides you a non-partisan forum to review, discuss and securely vote on every non-classified issue before congress. Your cumulative votes are communicated to your district's representative. There are various congressional candidates running this election cycle with a contractual pledge to proxy the majority vote on the house floor for you. Also, any aspiring or current congress member can make the same pledge.

We promise the following:

1. Registered voters can place a vote on all bills that come before the United States Congress.
         A. They can place or change a vote as soon as the bill is made publicly available.
         B. Voting ends 15 minutes before the elected representative is required to place their vote.
2. Registered voters can choose to delegate their vote to another registered voter in their district.
         A. Registered voters may be allowed to temporarily withdraw delegation for a single issue.
3. Registered voters get real-time stats on the status of any vote at any time.
4. Registered voters can view their historical votes.
5. Registered voters can audit their vote and insure that it was counted.
6. Registered voters can discuss bills through a forum-style format.
7. Registered voters can quickly and clearly understand all the riders on a bill.
8. Bills will be summarized outlining key elements such as costs, who benefits, who pays and who or what industry lobby wrote the bill.
9. Registered voters can suggest new bills.
10. If a bill is authored by the district, it must receive majority vote before it is proposed in committee.

I don't use a computer but I want to vote

If your representative signs the pledge you will be provided a local telephone number in your district so you can call in and place your vote on the issues that are important to you.

Who is running?

Approximately 50 congressional candidates will be running in the 2016 elections. Stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter. If you would like to run, please leave us a message. We are fielding high quality candidates over the next 6 months

Are you guys politicians?

Nope. We are software company entrepreneurs, consultants and programmers, but most importantly we are all committed to democracy and we are all contributing to start this grass roots effort without collecting a dime from special interest groups. We believe influence shouldn't be purchased from a politician at the public's expense, rather earned from the American public.

How do I get my representative to participate?

You can complete the full registration on this website and encourage others in your district to do the same. Placeavote.com will send a demand letter to your representative when a substantial number from your district register. Even if your representative doesn't participate and sign the pledge, placeavote will communicate to your representative when they deviate from the majority will.

Someone asked me to sign a form!

Candidates who pledged to vote your will in congress need nomination signatures to get on the primary ballot. There are a lot of hoops that you have to jump through to run for congress and getting a certain number of signatures is required in most districts. Only sign if you are comfortable.

How can I contribute?

This is a public effort totally dependent on concerned Americans who want to bring representative government back. Sign up for our newsletter above and if you see something we're doing that you think you want to be a part of just send us an email letting us know. The best way to help is by sharing this idea.

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